Times like these…

At a time when most everyone furrows their brow and digs their hands in their pockets at the mention of the state of the current economy (and let’s face it, it stinks) it’s the time that events like Art Toronto really flourish!

Impossible, you say? It’s true!

It’s times like these that the new kids on the block come out of the cracks to try new things. And it’s times like these that events like Art Toronto offer up free sneaky-peakies into the fair for newbies. And thus the circle of life.

Kind of an interesting paradigm. As a result of TIAF offering complimentary passes this year to galleries who have never shown at the fair, next year visitors to the fair can count on seeing even more new faces.

Anyone who’s ever been to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre knows what a colossus that building is. With a mix of our faithful patron galleries, who have already seen what showing at TIAF can do for business, and an ever-growing cross-section of international galleries going in new and unexpected directions in contemporary art, a question springs to mind:

What are we going to do when we outgrow our shell?

It’s the kind of question that really loosens the brow and invites a broad smile, you know?

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