Arty pylons

Recent traffic around art blogs has been a real barrel of laughs – get it? Joseph Carnevale’s recent ‘barrel monster’ statue — a short-lived work of three construction traffic barrels, some screws and paint — has attracted a lot of attention, and given positive spin to guerrilla art.

If you did a quick Google search for guerrilla art, you’d likely also come up with references to ‘vandalism’, ‘destruction of property’, and graffitti. In this case however, the victim of his vandalous act wants the art installation restored, or at least a new one constructed for display at it’s head office.

I like it. It’s a great way to embrace the light-heartedness of this kind of work. It’s only one example out of a million disparate others, but Carnevale’s stunt is a great illustration of why art isn’t and should never be considered a crime. While this student is facing a court date in July, countless others have been charged over the years for practicing their art in public. It’s a real shame that artists are lumped into the same category as vandals, but according to Carnevale, the charges have been great publicity for his art. Irony abounds.

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