Lost, and Found, in Translation

My boss travels the world. Since I started with the fair in March he’s gone to Montreal, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Germany, Japan. Right now he’s in the Hamptons. I’m completely green with envy.

He combs the world for new art, new galleries, new movements to showcase at the fair. It says a few things. First off, it shows just how lucrative the art biz can be; it also illustrates how aggressive you have to be to stay just ahead of the curve. But the thing I love most about this is that it demonstrates one of the things that I love about the art world – art transcends language.  Go to any international art fair and you might meet a hundred people who all speak different languages, but who share a common ground in art.

That said, his travel serves our patrons too — this year he’s recruited some very fine galleries from the far reaches of the world who are coming to the fair for the first time. It’s so exciting to think that this fair is shaped by a million hands, a million perspectives. This is a world fair, and the world is coming to the fair.

And if you think about it, between the travel-time, the jet-lag, the hotel beds, the taxi cabs, and all the rest of it, a normal person can’t spend an entire year jetting around from one place to the next in search of art. But a normal person can definitely make it to the Toronto International Art Fair for four days of the finest contemporary art from Toronto and the rest of the world! And that’s one of the things that I love about my job — who don’t have to be an expert, you don’t have to spend half your life on airplanes and in hotels to see the world’s finest. All you have to do is go to Toronto this October.

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