Art Toronto 2.0

A cheesy play on the trendy Web 2.0, I realize. But Art Toronto is heading into previously unknown territory with our 2009 marketing.

Remember years and years ago (you probably don’t remember) when the then-CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation, a pioneer in the computing industry, said (and I’m just paraphrasing here) there was absolutely no reason that any regular person would ever need to own a personal computer? Remember that?

And considering that the average person owns a computer, a cell phone, mp3 player, digital camera…well…it’s evident that want won out over need in a big hurry.  So while we’re visiting Rome, or in my case, while I’m earning my citizenship in the art world, doesn’t it make perfect sense that we should address our public in the means most familiar to them? That is, via the myriad of handheld, portable, and otherwise, computers? That’s what 2009 is all about!

As anyone reading this blog can tell, Art Toronto is online, we’ve got a blog, we Tweet, and we’re on Facebook. If there were more hours in the day, heck we’d be other places on the interweb too! But for now, this is pretty good.

What do I like best about Web 2.0? Immediate gratification! I can talk to you, you can talk to me, and it’s fun, fast and free! Who doesn’t like free?!

In the coming weeks I’m going to be featuring interesting stories, articles and blurbs about some of our incredible featured galleries! In fact, right now you can visit our Facebook Fan Page and get a sneak peek at some of the images we’re going to run in the catalogue this year. So keep an eye on Art Toronto —  bookmark us, favorite us, friend us, follow us, talk to us!

Get in on the conversation!

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