On the Industry and the City

It started with the name. Months ago, when I still just a green newbie at Toronto International Art Fair our team decided it was time to freshen (and shorten) things up and we gave ourselves the moniker Art Toronto. At the time it seemed like it was just a matter of being economical with words. After all, the event is already renowned as an internationally relevant show, and it kind of goes without saying that we’re a fair. But when we really thought on our new name, it was so much more than that.

Toronto wasn’t a random choice for a fair location. Director and founder Linel Rebenchuk chose it with care, looking at many different Canadian cities including his resident city Vancouver. And as a west-coaster by choice, I can tell you that I hear a lot of slag on Toronto — centre-of-the-universe syndrome to be the most polite way of saying it. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. With a huge population all on it’s own, not to mention being a straight-shot to places like New York and Chicago, and a gateway to international destinations, it’s obvious that the audience is there. Given that, Toronto has also naturally developed into a cultural mecca, running strong annual programs that push the public into the arms of arts and culture.

Toronto is an easy city to be a tourist in, no matter what motivates a visit — sports, theatre, shopping…you could spend weeks at a time doing gastro-tours alone!

Art Toronto is Canada’s biggest (and most bodacious) art fair, and it hinges on an interesting co-dependent paradigm of Toronto being the best home. So when we reflected upon our new name it became the obvious choice – Art Toronto: the industry and the city that are our reason for being.

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