Clever and fun

When things are busy — as they have been for the last couple of months — it’s hard to scrape together a spare creative thought for… oh, say blogging. But I’m not complaining! The catalogue I’ve been coralling, the hundred exhibitors I’ve been getting to know, myriad minutiae that, like sand, fill in any loose Mon-Fri seconds and are like the Sham-Wow of spare time: absorbing but also so exciting!

Sometimes life makes things a little easier, and sweet presents from the art world drop in my lap like manna. This for example. An associate sent me this today, an innocuous link with the comment ‘Clever and fun, check it out’ and suddenly I’m invigorated.

Little City is not just a blog about art in Toronto. In their own words,

“We hear the city speak in our loves and lives and want to collect it on canvases, put it in words, and wear it on our (shirts) sleeves. We take the fun we have and try to make it into whatever we can. We take what you make, and love it with all our collective heart. Submit your creations to Little City, join us in our venture to make the city beautiful, but most importantly, to make it ours.”

What I enjoy the most about this blog is also what is most obvious about it. What drives it is not simply a mandate, not a lifestyle choice, but something more earnest and inherent and unconscious – not unlike the squeaking noise some people make when they yawn, natural, unchecked, simply as-is – Little City and it’s appreciation of art, the artist, and the thin line between the creator and created is unforced and easy to appreciate. The words, the pictures, the feeling all leave me wishing for more (and secretly, wishing I had thought of it first.)

Clever and fun, check it out.

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