Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated!

One of the things I am most looking forward to seeing at Art Toronto this year is the solo space projects. A select group of our exhibiting galleries — in addition to their regular exhibit — have orchestrated a solo show for one of their artists. It’s such a great opportunity to see gleaming innovation!

Here’s a brief run-down — if you want more, you’ll just have to see it in person October 23rd-26th.

  • Pierre Francois Ouellette showing ADAD HANNAH at booth 900
  • Feheley Fine Arts showing SHUVINAI ASHOONA at booth 404
  • Art Mur showing NADIA MYRE at booth 1000
  • Georgia Scherman showing DANIEL BORINS and JENNIFER MARMAN at booth 700
  • Nikola Rukaj showing MELISSA MEYER at booth 110
  • Birch Libralto showing MARTIN GOLLAND at booth 800
  • Susan Hobbs showing KEVIN YATES at booth 724
  • Nikola Rukaj showing ILANA MANOLSON at booth 110

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