A little help from my friends

Day one. Wow.

First off, big thanks to long-time and much-loved friend Matt — buddy, without your help I would have been lost! Can you believe Matt took a day out from his freelancing to help me out? He stuffed exhibitor kits, helped with signage and even put together a million little boxes.

When I arrived in Toronto late Monday night and checked into my hotel, the front desk said I’d have a great view of the lake. What I had really was an excellent view of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. When I showed up to start working the next morning, most of the booths were already built. Impressive work. You can check out my twitter feed here to see some of the progress (and Matt!)

Though not my first time at a rodeo, I am continually impressed by the seemingly ceaseless hard work of the men and women who put the event together in the most literal sense. Dozens of workers have been at it around the clock — not the least of whom is my boss. I’ll run back upstairs to snap more pics of the progress in a short while.

Right now I’m getting ready for what will arguably be the most exciting part of my week — exhibitor move-in. Hundreds of people from around the world will converge on Exhibition Halls A & B to start their own round-the-clock shift before the show floor closes tomorrow for one last cleaning before our Opening Night event.

Day two has started with an extra-giant latte. Will keep you posted on our progress, friends!

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