Eat, drink and be arty

One of the best parts about this industry and this event in particular: the after-hours events. A chance to get away from the show floor and really talk, the brightly-lit booths are traded for dark corners, hip music and a little less shop-talk.

Now, that said, I will admit only to you dear readers that at the end of the day, no matter what my enthusiasm has been to be one of the shiny, beautiful people at these parties, it’s hard! Last night after the fair closed I returned to my hotel room to tidy myself up — I got dressed, traded my ‘sensible’ heels for sadistic heels, even fixed my hair and my face — then collapsed on my bed and didn’t leave it until morning. Shameful, non??

So with that said, I caution you – nay, I encourage you – don’t let the goods pass you by! Something special, something like this, doesn’t come around every week and truly, once it’s gone it’s gone (in our case, for another year) so take advantage! Carpe diem, carpe artem!

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