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So they say, old habits die hard. As a girl who graduated from the school of hard publishing knocks (they beat you senseless until you learn the difference between a saddle-stitch and perfect bind) books, magazines and reading material in general (…blogs?) are valuable, relevant and worth taking note of.

Though my background is more rooted in books, my heart cries out for magazines. These glossy, gorgeous reads are highly consumable and the indomitable watchdogs of TRENDS. And pardon me friends, but what in the art world could possibly be more essential to keep track of than trends??

Do you agree with me? Let’s see by a show of hands who appreciates the written word (perhaps instead of a show of hands, I’ll just check the stats on how many of you read this post) but how many actively support the magazine publishing industry? Sure, many might argue that the bulk of magazine profits come through advertising, not subscription. But what magazine can succeed with advertisers when their mag is undersubscribed?

It’s a thought I want not to dwell on, because the solution is so easy. You’re coming to see Art Toronto, right? I mean, why wouldn’t you? It’s open today and tomorrow from noon until six, so why not?! Anyway, when you get here come and check out the publications section — there’s a great variety of magazines from all over Canada and the US covering art in general, trends specifically, and more. And word has it that the folks at the magazines are offering great deals on subscriptions for visitors to Art Toronto, it’s win-win!

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