What I did on my summer vacation

As many of you know, Art Toronto 2009 came and went with resounding success! It was five days of fabulous art and beautiful people that will go down in history. The Opening Night Preview was a smash hit, our various talks kicked up just the right sort of discussions, and the art – I mean, the ART!

For myself, it was such a great experience to finally put faces to the million names, voices and emails I’ve been working with for the better part of the last year. And fittingly, when the show closed last Monday night, when the crates were re-packed, trucks loaded, and I waved goodbye to the 200-strong lovely people I had been spending the previous week with…it felt a lot like the end of summer camp.

The springtime was consumed with registration; early summer started the catalogue and brochure, and every week there was something new going out the door – an ad, an eblast, so much more. By September the late nights started, my computer screen hypnotizing me as effectively as any campire. By October, intense rehearsals for our final show! See? I’m not saying anyone sang Kumbaya (and I’m not saying no one did, either) but you can see how the fair was a lot like summer camp, without mosquitos.

With that angsty, pre-teen missive out of the way I want to thank you ALL for coming! Thank you galleries for coming with such fire and beauty, such ingenuity and innovation. Thank you members of the public for oohing and awing and exploring and sharing and buying. Thank you to our volunteers — Isabelle and Sondra, you guys are the greatest. Thank you to my “cousins” at MMPI’s Toronto office, Crystal, Marie, Jennifer – your help was extraordinary and I appreciate it so much. Thanks also to all the contractors who worked around the clock to help construct and maintain the gorgeous bohemeth that was Art Toronto.

Art Toronto 2010: October 14-18 – only 346 days to go!

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