Hot One Inch Action

Where was all the action in Vancouver last night? I’ll tell you. Through the magic of Facebook and the power of word-of-mouth, my good friend David (see: The Alien Among Us) had the perfect answer to the question “Saturday night?”. That answer, my friends? HOT ONE INCH ACTION.

The set up is simple: the original art of fifty artists on one inch buttons. For $5 you can buy a bag of five randomly selected buttons. This is the sixth time creators Jim Hoehnle and Chris Bentzen have presented Hot One Inch Action. The first rule of Hot One Inch Action? There are no rules. Trade until you get what you want. Blow your whole handful on a single coveted button, trade away your faves for multiples and go wild. All fifty buttons lined the walls of the gallery like a tapas menu — “I want one of those, and one of those, ooh! And one of those!”

If Vancouver noticed an absence of hipsters from their usual hangouts last night it’s because they were all at 112 West Hastings. Sweaty, spicy air and ironic mustaches balanced the live dj and cheap booze.

Not only was this a great concept for an art show, but also a fascinating social experiment — socialization is absolutely necessary to get what you want. Annexing yourself with your own group of friends dramatically limits your ability to get all the beauty buttons you can. You’ve got to work the room, seize upon the various personalities (this guy’s so easy-going, he’ll just hand over that cat in a sweater. That girl is all business, if you don’t have a Narwhal for her don’t bother) and see what sort of synergy there is to be found.

For my first time at Hot One Inch Action, I think I did pretty good. I got lucky with a set of doubles in my bag, and traded and traded and traded, somehow ending up with eight buttons.

Fun, arty, social. You can’t go wrong. Wanna see what you missed? You can find them online here. Wanna see our spoils of war?

hot one inch action

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