Say it, don’t spray it

Today I stepped out of my apartment today and got socked in the face with weather. Nice, Vancouver. It’s a good thing my umbrella was made in Russia, or we’d have problems. In Vancouver we have MANY stores dedicated to the retail of umbrellas and other stylish wet-weather gear and I couldn’t resist the push-button action umbrella the sales guy was hawking…perhaps because he kept saying that it was made in Russia. Having never been to Russia myself, I can’t comment on their weather, but the fact of the matter is that it is a damn burly item that could likely withstand a rhino attack. In windy rain that turns most umbrellas inside-out, mine laughs a haughty little laugh and keeps on filing it’s nails or whatever it does when I’m not looking because I’m trying to avoid puddles. Choosing between Toronto’s bitter cold and Vancouver’s perpetual wet is like choosing between killer bees and fire ants, really, and I suppose I made my bed…I digress.

Ok, asterisk time. I omitted something from my recent post about a young up-and-coming photog (see: Standing at an open door: Alicia Hoogveld) because I didn’t want to steal the thunder of her awesomeness. The same day I had lunch with Alicia, I also met up with a friend from TO who was in town on business. If there’s anyone in the world whose career progression is more worthy of envy, praise or mimicry, I don’t know them. I only know Cory – a brilliant, handsome guy who’s kicking up a serious sh*t-storm of innovation in publishing. That aside, when I told him about Alicia he asked “So, do you hate her?”

“Hate her for what?”

“For being young, beautiful, talented, and poised for a wildly successful career.”

The simple answer is no. The more complicated answer is no, because we’re members of the same club and it’s a good thing to surround yourself with people who are on that track.

During my few days of post-event decompression, I caught up with my compadre Harley in his East Toronto ‘hood at a fabulous spot called Leslie Jones (I am definitely in the East-side’s-time-is-coming-soon camp, and Leslie Jones will be a crown jewel in this up-and-coming neighbourhood. The food is en-croy-able, the atmosphere both posh and comfortable, and the beer and wine list is impressive enought to tittilate without intimdiating.) Harley’s in the club – creative, hardworking, and blessed with the most impressive attitude about everything – so I gushed to him.

For anyone who wasn’t there to witness it — a quick survey of the show floor revealed an abundance of young, brilliant, beautiful people. But in this context they’re also entrepreneurs. I don’t know about you, but that gets my heart pumping. It’s the risk, it’s the power, it’s the unpredictability of the world they live in. It occurs to me that I’ve got incredible resources at my finger-tips: I have 100 galleries who could tell stories until the sun explodes about the business of dealing art.

So here’s my idea: a guest post by one or two or a dozen different people from the art world. Would you like to meet these people? Would you like to hear from the the young men and women who are poised to have vibrant careers in the art world? I just need to hear from one of you, dear readers, just one of you who wants to learn the business and hear it straight from the source.

Just one comment, and the world is yours, friends…

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