Long, dark season

Though completely off the topic of art, I am happy to announce that Whistler’s 09-10 season started with a bang – or should I say woomph – this weekend. Every muscle in my body is screaming in the most exquiste pain, but it was well worth it. There’s nothing quite like connecting with a passion that’s gone by the wayside for seven months. The snugness of my base-layer, the warmth and comfort of my boots (snowboarders have this so much better than skiers!), the strangeness of being a 10 year old again, wrapped up in a snowsuit. And once on the hill it was like magic – the blast of snow in my face, the sound of my own slough, the sheer thrill and excitement of floating over four feet of fresh snow. Have you ever raced down a hill with the wind at your back, snow gusting around your feet in such a way you can’t even tell how fast you’re going anymore?

So, with my mind on other things and my body incapable of doing much more than lift my coffee cup to my lips, I’ll share with you the thoughts of some other writers today. Enjoy.

Oscar the Grouch vs Conservatives.

Designer Jack Schulz shares some thoughts that will help anyone in creative endeavors.

Reading my blog (or participating in other social media) does not in fact make you a social pyriah. Go fig!

NY Times’ Carol Vogel’s thoughts on the the recent changes in mood and economy.

This link courtesy of a @TorontoArt (Ingram Gallery) tweet: “Art has come back more than stocks or housing.”

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