Daytime drama, prescient performance

My dear ol’ dad did his BFA at York University. As a young (read: broke and out of work) actor, his day-job was writing questions for a kid-genius quiz show, while his moonlighting gig was as part of the ensemble cast for what I understand was a very, very bad soap opera. His acting career was cut short when the studio they were using burned down in the middle of the night – one amongst many pitfalls of renting a space over a Chinese food restaurant. The passing of the restaurant was mourned, the show, however, was not.

Now that I’m craving spring rolls, let’s talk about someone who really has their wontons in a row.

Heart-throb status aside, James Franco has an impressive list of films and projects to his credit. But the one garnering the most talk as of late is Franco’s stint on General Hospital.

The artist known simply as Carter – who suggested the soap opera arc to Franco – may also be the basis of his character on the day-time drama. Friends and colleagues, Franco and Carter worked together previously on a short-film project called Erased James Franco.

A drole game of art imitating life imitating art is unfolding on General Hospital. Once his guest appearance has run it’s course, Franco will be appearing on 30 Rock as himself, staging an attention-grabbing fauxmance with the show’s character Jenna.

But the sequence won’t be complete until Franco and Carter complete filming of a full-length feature – a follow-up to Erased James Franco – that will demonstrate the actual performance-art nature of these, um, performances.

It’s an interesting item to add to the CV for an actor with such diverse projects under his belt as Milk and Pineapple Express.

Speakeasy has got the full goods, so read on Franco/GH/performance art lovers, read on!

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