Tin can telephone game: Miami to Vancouver

Rumours are the best substitute for fact.

Ok, that’s a horrible thing to suggest. But rumours are the next best thing when what you’re lacking is fact.

What’s the word swirling around Basel? First thing that caught my attention was Stallone at Basel, there in support of the sale of…his own work. While I’ve heard a bit of twittering about this, the bottom line is that two of his pieces sold today, one for $40K and another for $50K. Not a bad day’s work.

I also heard something about someone releasing a swarm of ladybugs at the opening night event. Comical though this may sound, it harkens me back to my once-upon-a-time mail carrier who was bitten in the ear by one of those African ladybugs that were all the rage a few years ago when aphids were a rose gardeners’ worst enemy. He was left nearly paralyzed because of the bite, and I only heard the story because he was also a neighbour.

Yet another tale out of Art Basel is that US Marshalls seized $6 million dollars of art from a gallery. The details are sketchy at best, but it has something to do with insurance.

Other than that, the word from Linel has been very positive — lots of great things to see and people to meet at Art Basel Miami Beach. And he promised to let me know as soon as there was some action to report on.

Luckily the combination of Dexter and the CSI: Miami series gives me a good feel for the Miami scene. I’m pretty convinced I’m not missing anything.

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