Three Cheers!

Six days into the new year and we’re off to a strong start!

I am thrilled to announce that Canadian Art has listed their Reader Favorites, a list of the Top 5 Art Events that readers of the online version of the magazine clicked on the most. Art Toronto 2009 was number 3 in 2009! Click here to read the full article.

BlogTO has also recently published a best-of list, naming the Top 12 new Toronto galleries fo 2009. I am proud to say that THREE of these are galleries who exhibited at Art Toronto 2009! A big congratulations goes out to Georgia Scherman Projects, The Beverly Owens Project, and Alison Smith Gallery! Click here for the full article.

It’s exciting and rewarding to be recognized, and Art Toronto is grateful for the support and patronage we’ve received over the years, most especially in 2009 as Canada clawed it’s way out of the darkest recesses of the global economy. Our success is in no small part thanks to the support and dedication to Canadian contemporary art of our exhibitors, sponsors, partner arts organizations and patrons. In short, thanks to YOU.

Your support has sent a clear message: the arts are an important and necessary part of the Canadian identity and narrative.

The recognition we’ve received underlines how important it is that we continue to deliver – we’ll be working tirelessly through 2010 to bring you more of the content, the programming and the art you love.

Looking ahead, my wish for 2010 is to see the Canadian art world continue to grow and expand. I hope that new and exciting projects find the funding they need, whether it be through government grants, corporate sponsorship or private donation. Artists and galleries need to continue doing what they do best: creating art and delivering it to the world.

Here’s to 2010: The Year of Art!

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