Anticipating what’s NEXT

You know what I really enjoy? Events. Go figure, right? And what I really, really love are the offbeat, subversive sorts of events that don’t necessarily get a lot of mass-media attention, but definitely dominate their niche.

For your consideration:Vancouver’s The Cheaper Show.

200 multi-disciplined international artists presenting 400 pieces of art, each priced at $200 for one night only. Far from being an ‘art sale,’ each exhibiting artist consciously makes a sacrifice by selling their work for less than its potential value. This creates united support for the event, the arts community, and an opportunity for this show to take place in an environment that is accessible to everyone. In turn, many walk away with sales, exposure, commissions and gallery representation, as well as having an opportunity to connect with peers on an even playing field.

It’s interesting when something is not, first and foremost, about making money, but rather is about a grassroots movements towards awareness, towards the iteration and appropriation of culture.

Art Toronto’s NEXT section is a popular stop for this exact reason. Showcased side-by-side with galleries whose names, reputations and successes are more fully established, the NEXT section highlights new(ish)galleries (in business for less than eight years) showing young, emerging artists with artworks priced under $7,000.

It’s about access – by providing appropriate context for newer galleries showing more avant garde works, dealers, artists and buyers find their place in NEXT.

Visitors and buyers find something in NEXT they might not find elsewhere in the fair – and these discoveries don’t start and end at the fair. In BlogTO’s recently published list of best new Toronto galleries of 2009, three of the twelve galleries listed had exhibited at Art Toronto in 2009, and two of those three in the NEXT section.

The gallery below has a couple shots in our NEXT section from 2009’s Opening Night Preview. To see even more, check our Flickr!

Apply for Art Toronto 2010 NEXT section.

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  1. I wish I could attend the Vancouver show – I’m dying to bring some more air and though into my apartment.

    PS less than three

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