Making a first impression(/expression)

My name is Julia Robinson and I am the new summer intern at Art Toronto . 

I am originally from Vancouver Island, and moved to New Brunswick to complete my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Mount Allison University.  I studied studio arts (painting and photography in particular) and art history, and was lucky enough to experience life in the Deep South, where I spent a semester at the University of Central Arkansas.  In September 2011 I plan to spread my wings further by moving to London to obtain my Master’s in the Fine and Decorative arts at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art.  For now I feel lucky to call Vancouver ‘home’; now that I’ve returned to the West Coast I realize how much I missed the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.   

I am excited to spend my summer working with the Art Toronto crew, and am very much looking forward to seeing the fair unfold! I also hope to bring some new stories and a different outlook to impression/expression and look forward to joining Maggie and the rest of you in this conversation!



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2 responses to “Making a first impression(/expression)

  1. Welcome to the team, Julia! We’re glad to have you! Looking forward to your unique perspective over the coming months!

  2. anonymous coward

    Hope you enjoy your experience at Art Toronto and learn lots!

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