Miami’s got a crush on Toronto

Dear readers, hope you enjoy this lovely article from Alexander Besant of the Miami Herald.

Is Toronto Canada’s coolest city? Modest and self-deprecating, Torontonians will forever shy away from any such depiction, pointing to Montreal as the center of all things cool in Canada.

But Toronto, or “T Dot” (a nickname coined by local rap artists), has long since surpassed Montreal as Canada’s cultural hub. Only in recent times has it seen its sense of self-confidence grow along with its size.

With new investments in infrastructure, an influx of suburbanites into the downtown core and hundreds of new restaurants, bars and cafes opening, Toronto is undergoing a renaissance from dour business hub to vibrant, dynamic city.

While Vancouver remains too clean, almost utopic, Calgary too conservative and Montreal enjoys an elegant decline, Toronto has become Canada’s true capital — of business, finance, arts and sports — in everything but formal title.

Best of all, it’s still growing: dozens of skyscrapers under construction, a Frank Gehry-designed art gallery just opened, a new opera house, and a recently refurbished city square.

Read the full article here.

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