There is only one Damien Hirst

From humble beginnings, adolescing with a motley crew of freaks and geeks, he rose to the centre of the world stage, earning millions at auction; there is no before, no after, there is only one Damien Hirst.

Galerie de Bellefeuille will use Art Toronto 2010 as the stage for the debut of Damien Hirst’s works in Canada. This show is the FIRST of its kind in Canada! The gallery will present a selection of iconic Hirst trademark works including his butterflies, skulls, pharmaceuticals, spots paintings, prints, and other limited edition artwork in a special curated space. You can find Galerie de Bellefeuille in booth 420 with their curated Damien Hirst booth in the adjacent booth 510.

The Hirst show will then take up residence at its home in Montreal where Galerie de Bellefeuille will show it from November 6 until December 6.

No slouch, Hirst’s body of work confronts the scientific, philosophical and religious aspects of human existence and includes sculpture, painting and printmaking. He has exhibited widely, has been written about extensively and was awarded the Turner Prize in 1995 for The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.

If you ignore the art world records Hirst set (and often re-set) and also ignore the fact that he was an integral force behind the movement and group that became the Young British Artists, if you forget that he has been behind some of the most talked about art pieces of the last 50 years you can perhaps focus on the ways that Hirst is not unlike you or I.

Like us he had to work his way through the regular channels, including an unremarkable school career and a challenging home environment. Like us he met with delays and rejections, with mentors and inspiration. He didn’t just stick with it, he recognized his own talent and pushed it as far as it could go.

I hope that young artists who attend Art Toronto 2010 will keep that in mind as they look at his Pharmaceuticals, as they ponder his All You Need is Love, Love, Love, or as they wonder at his For The Love of God. It’s not like you wake up one day as an artist with patrons and fleets of volunteers to help piece together works. It’s a lot of sweat, and a lot of rejection, and a lot of just waiting for that right moment when the stars align to make the universe yours.

What’s more, if you spy super-artist Alex McLeod at Art Toronto, he’ll tell you much the same! (#Amiright @alex_mcleod_?)

Guess what? Tickets for the show are NOW ON SALE.

What else? The first three people to comment on this blog with a fact about Damien Hirst will win a pair of tickets (valued at $36) to the show. So when your friends ask what you’re doing the weekend of October 29th, you’ll tell them you’re going to see the nation’s biggest and best international art fair (and if you act soon enough, you get to see it for free too!)


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3 responses to “There is only one Damien Hirst

  1. In addition to being an artist, Damien owned one of London’s hippest restaurants, Pharmacy, back in the day. I believe his artwork was also hung there.

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