Art Toronto 2010′s Opening Night Preview

Every year Art Toronto opens with a gala event benefitting the Art Gallery of Ontario. This black-tie and exclusive fundraiser attracts collectors and curators from around North America, as well as a who’s-who of luminaries.

Art Toronto went RED CARPET this year with a fabulous photo wall, complete with paparazzi! Courtesy of artist Mike Hansen was the project Hoi Polloi — it literally means ‘the unwashed masses’ — an interactive exhibit that gives everyone a chance to feel like a celeb. Flashbulbs on stands popped as people strode by, and speakers played a loop of praise and calls for posing.

Real photogs were brought in to complete the atmosphere. Did you have your pic snapped on our red carpet? Check back in a few weeks and I’ll have more information about where you can look online!

It was a really exciting affair with all attendees dressed to the nines (the Art Toronto team included!) and the general consensus seems to be that it was a fantastic party. Highlight of my night? Meeting (now) world famous artist Alex McLeod; the fancy martini being served up was a solid second.

We couldn’t have kicked off Art Toronto 2010 with more style. Check out some of the scenes from last night below.

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2 responses to “Art Toronto 2010′s Opening Night Preview

  1. yay! better than a cocktail! That should be on my CV :D

  2. Leo

    I wish we would have events like this for our artists in Vancouver. Looks like fun.

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