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New to the world of contemporary art, but with a decent track record of running arts-related events, I’m picking my way along in this new planet. My passport has been stamped and gradually I’m learning the language, customs, how to live and where to work, the secret rites and rituals, the sacred and profane of Art.

While I do not hope to offend, insult, or in any other way make enemies of anyone in the art world, I understand that it’s entirely possible that someone out there will disagree with something I say. And hey, that’s not a bad thing. Worst case scenario: you disagree and close your browser, never to peruse my humble blog again. Best case: you disagree and leave a comment, and you check back later to see what I’ve replied, and all my silent readers get the benefit of a conversation.

I know there’s the potential that I’m going to mess up or stick my foot in my mouth but there’s the same potential I’m going to say something you were thinking too (or better yet, that you hadn’t thought of at all.) I hope that the latter is the case, but if it’s not I hope I hear from you all the same.

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