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Hello, 2011!

If you’re anything like me you were likely equally astounded and amazed by the events that defined 2010. We watched Vancouver host the Olympics, and not without some controversy; we saw Toronto host the G20 summit, and controversy? Understatement; we met the vuvuzuela with mixed results; we watched the explosion at Deepwater Horizon and the BP underwater webcam feed with disgusted rapture; natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were a regular headline; we celebrated the Chilean miners who survived nearly 10 weeks underground; we mourned the passing of JD Salinger, Alexander McQueen, Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper, and more. All told it was a year of 365 days, and a million and a half memories.

At the fair, we had a banner year! A record number of visitors came through the turnstiles at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to celebrate eleven years of the Toronto International Art Fair. We were joined by a roster of sponsors, as well as exhibiting galleries and featured artists that set the year apart as one of the Fair’s best!

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2010, we salute you!

But 2010 is last year’s news – 2011 is what’s all the rage! If you’ve been entertaining ideas about see Art Toronto up close and personal, this is the year to do it. We’re going to have more of everything you want — more programming, more artists, more galleries, more collectors!

Art Toronto is currently accepting applications — why not click here and take a read through what some of our past participants have said about the fair? Convinced? Click here to download our application package.



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Curious and curiouser

Upon seeing this article and the accompanying image I was immediately reminded of a high school art class in which we journey to the McMichael exhibit at the AGO to view the Group of Seven works on display there. Of course, this particular image obviously wasn’t one of the works on display, but the style is so reminiscent of what I remember as my first real foray into the art world.

 For the moment I’m going to hold onto my comments. There are just too many directions to go in presently. What are your thoughts?

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The first step is admitting you have a problem

Hi, my name is Maggie and I am addicted to the arts.

The problem started years ago when, fresh out of university, I took a job in publicity at a book publisher. It satisfied that altruistic yearning in me to do something ‘good’. From there I moved to a book festival, which I later quit to take a program in creative book publishing.

I moved from Toronto to Vancouver hoping to put my new certificate to good use, but a weak economy and industry that’s near impossible to break into put the kibosh on that pretty quick.

My problem really manifested itself six months ago. I was working at tedious, mindless job in a windowless office when I decided it was time to get back into the arts. A ridiculous thought to be sure at a time when Vancouver was leading the country in unemployment, and lagging far behind Toronto in terms of it’s culture density. But after months of fighting, cajoling, sweating and intense visualizations (if I can dream it, I can do it! If I can smell it, I can be it…) I finally landed a plum job.

That’s right folks, say hello to the newest member of the Toronto International Art Fair team! Halfway into my second month on the job and it’s already clear to me just how far I’ve come. In my first week I had nightmares about being asked questions about contemporary art and the art market and was sure it would  be no time before I got canned for my repeated braying of “I don’t know art, but I know what I like!” Lucky for me that hasn’t happened yet, but I still have a lot of learning to do.

Entering the art world for the first time is like visiting any other planet — there’s a language, customs, places and people of interest that are all foreign to me but that I must learn if I am to survive. That’s what this blog is all about. You’re going to follow me along the road from earnest neophyte to assimilated worker-bee and finally (hopefully) to indoctrinated master. At the very least, I hope not to embarrass my boss at the fair in six months.

So come with me! What I read, you read. Where I go, you follow. And when I don’t know where to go or what to do, I’m going to ask you.

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