Chilliwack International Biennale

by Julia

Forget Venice and Istanbul… for something a little closer to home, consider the Chilliwack International Biennale. 

Running July 28 and 29 (that’s tonight and tomorrow!) you’ll want to pack up your camping gear for two straight days of artistic interaction at the Delta Grove campsite at Cultus Lake Provincial Park in Chilliwack, BC. 

The first of its kind, the Chilliwack Biennale offers a refreshing and innovative approach to a format that is traditionally understood as an outdoor art show on an exorbitant and international level.  Unlike a biennale that takes place in a large city this event, which will take place at the Delta Grove Campground, is described as “DIY” and has next to no budget.  (No surprise our friends at Instant Coffee have a hand in this!) Instead of large-scale outdoor installations, this biennale focuses on performance and collaboration with artists and campers alike.      

“Understood as a prototype, the event will consider the biennial as studio or performance. Works will be created, rearranged, consumed, found and dusted off. Tents, trailers, and other portable or temporary structures will form pavilions for international projects. At our symposia smoke may get in your eyes. We don’t have a PA system, but we may be able to offer you a marshmallow.”

The biennale is presented by ArtSpeak, Or Gallery (both of Vancouver), and the Bodger’s and Kludger’s Cooperative Art Parlour.  The artistic presenters at the event also include The Dirty Shed, Stahlemuhle, Fillip, TARL, and Instant Coffee.

Though the event is open to the public and free of charge, the presenters ask that you please RSVP.  More information can be found at here.

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